Graphic Design Course in Quetta

Graphic Design Course - Basic - 20 Days.

This Graphic Design Course takes a unique approach by delivering basics, once completed you’ll have a strong grip on basic concepts and tools.

This course takes a unique approach by utilizing fundamental knowledge of Visual Communication also known as Design Theory. The course also includes real-world practicality of Graphic Design such as Branding, Social Media Marketing, Aesthetics & Print Design, all of which will equip you with beginner-level Graphic Design Skills.

You will learn how to adapt and apply fundamental knowledge of design to various software applications like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, and other smaller tools to help you work smoothly.

You will also learn how you can optimize your workflow to reach a maximum level of productivity.

Objectives of this Course:


Aamir Rizvi - Graphic Designer

CEO & Business Director of Studio3 Design & Art Consultant (SMC - PVT) Ltd with 7 years of professional experience.

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Course Fee:

Rs. 8000/-

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